hCG Diet Recipes – You can eat fantastic food while you’re on the hCG Diet AND reach your weight loss goals

As a personal chef, I’m accustomed to revamping recipes to fit my clients needs. So when I started losing weight on the hCG Diet Protocol, I got busy looking through my personal collection of over 1,200 recipes to see which ones I could modify and came up with hundreds of hCG diet recipes. Check out my HCG Diet Journey on YouTube, if you’re interested.

hcg diet recipes shrimp asparagus stirfryHCG Diet Recipes - Grilled Steak with Caramelized Onions

Recipes for all Phases of the hCG Diet Plan

Phase 2 Recipes

Even though Phase 2 is restrictive, in calories, fat, and carbs, there are a myriad of ways you can jazz up your hCG diet recipes and meals. The Phase 2 (P2) hCG diet recipes have been tested in my kitchen for myself, my clients, and my friends.

After you’ve been on Phase 2 for a while it can be a challenge to figure out just what you can have and not have on Phase 3 (commonly known as P3). To be sure, no sugar, no starch may sound like easy rules, but sometimes not that easy to do with a typical recipe. Many of my Phase 3 hCG diet recipes are innovative and different, but I also have some tried and true, good old American style dishes up my sleeve.

Phase 3 Recipes

Transitioning into Phase 3 of the Protocol can be tricky.  For 21 days following your last VLCD (very low calorie day) you will increase your caloric intake, but you cannot have any starches or sugars.  Many people choose to eat the same foods they ate during Phase 2, only in larger quantities.  You can’t eat unlimited calories on Phase 3 either.  Eat the amount of calories that would be sufficient for you to maintain your current weight. Remember, the key is not to gain or lose more than 2 lbs in a given day on Phase 3.

hcg diet recipes - wedge lettuce salad phase 3

Here are some of  my favorite Phase 3 hCG Diet Recipes:

Breakfast:  Vegetable FritattasFruit SmoothiesPhase 3 French Toast.

Lunch:  Tarragon Chicken SaladSouthwestern Turkey Burgers,  Broccoli Cheese Soup.

Dinner: Twice Baked CauliflowerMoroccan Spiced Pork TenderloinChicken with Roasted Red Pepper SauceBalsamic Citrus Glazed SalmonGreen Beans AlmandineCreamed Spinach.

Basically, I want to make it easy for you to stick to the HCG Protocol and never be at a loss for what to eat, whether you’re Loading, on Phase 2, Phase 3, or Phase 4. There is something for everyone here. If there’s a recipe you’d like to see featured, please leave a comment and tell me about it.  I’m always looking for new hCG diet recipes to feature on this site. For more inspiration, check out this video I made that shows an easy way to prepare several of your hCG diet recipes at one time.

Twice baked cauliflower

Different Protocols

Since I started hCG several years ago there was only one real guide to how to do the hCG Protocol, and that was Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches manuscript. Today, there are many updated protocols, (some with expanded food lists, some that allow more than the original 500 calories) that you can follow. My website has recipes from a lot of different protocols. I am in the process of organizing them so that you can choose the recipes that are right for the protocol you are on. Currently, I am on the Thin Deluxe Protocol, and I find that is working great for me, but if you are doing a different protocol (Dr. Simeon’s Original, 800 calorie, Dr. Lipman‘s, whatever), you’ll find some recipes here that you can use. The differences in the protocols mainly apply to Phase 2, the weight loss phase of the diet, so my Phase 3 recipes will not be categorized; however, I am looking into adding some hCG diet recipes that are good for the Paleo diet both for Phase 3 and Phase 4, as many people are finding that Paleo is the way to go for their lifelong maintenance.

hcg diet recipes - creamed spinach and sea bass

How to find the recipes you need

The recipes are categorized by Phase and by food category in the right hand column, and you can also search for recipes by using the search box just above the categories or by clicking on the hCG Diet Recipe Index link in the navigation bar.

hCG Diet Menus

In addition to fabulous and easy to follow recipes, I am sharing some sample menus and shopping lists. I  think it’s important to see what a real person eats on a day-by-day basis on this protocol. We get stuck in a rut with our eating habits, not only while on the protocol, but in general.  I find it helpful to see what others are eating–perhaps you will too. You can find some sample (Simeon’s Protocol) hCG Diet Menus here. And if you’re interested in the Thin Deluxe Protocol, here’s a sample menu and shopping list.

Please leave me a comment and let me know how you like my recipes!

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