Injections or Sublingual (Oral) hCG Dosing?

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When I first did the hCG protocol in 2010 I learned everything I knew about the protocol from Mamaclok. She did sublingual hCG (taking the hCG orally by holding it under your tongue), so I did sublingual hCG. I knew she had had tremendous success doing it this way and I wanted to achieve the same thing. Mamaclok originally dosed with a mixture of hCG, liquid B12, and colloidal silver (I believe she switched to injections later). I did great on my first round–wasn’t hungry, lost a decent amount of weight, no complaints.  Except–I didn’t like having to hold the drops under my tongue for 15 minutes.  During this time I couldn’t talk, and trust me, that’s exactly the time that the phone rings or one of your kids needs an urgent answer to something.  I also forgot to dose at least twice.  If you’re dosing sublingually, you have to dose twice a day.

On my second round I switched to injections. I was a little wary because I’m not a huge fan of shots. Also, the mixing instructions seemed a little complicated. However, after I got over the initial fear of the needle, and figured out how to mix for injections, I much preferred injecting the hCG over sublingual. It was more convenient and since I injected first thing in the morning, every morning, I was less likely to forget to dose.  I have injected in my abdomen (subcutaneous)–really, you pinch an inch or so of flesh and inject in there, and also in my arm (intramuscular). I don’t really have a preference about where to inject. The needle is so small you barely feel it in either place.

Cost for Sublingual (Oral) Dosing

For sublingual dosing you’ll use twice the amount of hCG (because you dose twice a day), you’ll need a bottle of liquid B12 (about $15), and a bottle of colloidal silver (about $20). The cost of the hCG, including shipping, will be about $30 a vial.  You’ll also need a mixing needle, a dosing needle, and a sterile bottle to store your hCG. You’ll have enough B12 and colloidal silver to do at least 3 rounds, so the average cost per round, using the sublingual method will be approximately.You can buy these items in a kit made specifically for mixing hCG for oral dosing for about $25.00.  Given the price for the hCG plus the oral dosing kit, your cost per round will be about $85.00. Here’s a great video on how to mix for sublingual dosing by Mamaclok.

Cost for hCG Injections

In order to mix hCG for injections you’ll need Bacteriostatic water, a mixing needle, alcohol pads, a sterile vial to hold the mixed hCG, and syringes for the injections themselves. Like the oral dosing, you can buy these items a kit made specifically for mixing injections for about $20.00.  Add in the cost of the hCG and your cost per round will be about $50.00.

Pros and Cons

Sublingual – Pros:  No needles!  Cons: inconvenient, more likely to miss doses, more expensive.

Injections – Pros: More convenient–once and you’re done, less expensive.   Cons:  You have to give yourself a shot!

What’s the Best Option?

In my opinion, if you can get past the notion of giving yourself a shot, injections are the best option simply because they are more convenient and cost less!

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