hCG Diet Recipes Index

HCG Diet Recipes

for all Phases of the Protocol. Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3.  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Beef, Chicken, Fish & Seafood, Pork, and Vegetables

I have personally tested nearly all of the hcg diet recipes that appear on this site. The majority of recipes are safe for the Simeon’s version of the protocol, although some have been specifically created for the Thin Deluxe Protocol. Some recipes have the nutritional content available and some do not. If you need to calculate the nutritional content for a particular recipe, I recommend Calorie Count. Simply enter the ingredients and amounts there.

Since Phase 3 of the hCG Protocol is basically a low carb, no sugar plan, most of the Phase 3 recipes found on this site can also be used for the South Beach, Atkins, and other low carb meal plans. Some recipes are Paleo friendly as well.

HCG Diet Recipes - Crab Bites

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Phase 2 Recipes

Phase 2 hCG diet recipes contain a combination of low calorie, low fat, and low carb meat, vegetable and fruits. Phase 2, the weight loss phase of the HCG protocol, is limited to 500 to 800 calories a day. All calories should be tracked carefully using a weight loss application like Lose It or My Fitness Pal. It’s not a good idea to guess how many calories you are consuming on this protocol.

Phase 3 Recipes

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37 thoughts on “hCG Diet Recipes Index

  1. Stephaine

    Just started day 1 and looking for recipes to help me on my weight loss journey!

  2. Sharmane

    I bought the Drops, I took it as directed, I followed instruction, yes in one week I lost 12 lbs yay, however by my second week I was so hungry I had to break away from my diet and eat like a pig, of course I gained all the weight back all 12lbs and then some, I really would like to give it another try, I still have half left in the bottle, I need help to loose 20lbs.thanks in advanced.

  3. Toni Post author

    Sharmane, that happened to my friend when she took homeopathic drops. You must be careful with those. You should NOT be hungry on the hcg diet, especially after the first few days. If so, something is WRONG!

  4. carol

    Thank you for this awesome site…

    i wish there was a way to print all your wonderful recipe at one time

  5. Toni Post author

    Carol, you’re so welcome. You’re the second person who mentioned that. I might do a downloadable cookbook. I’ll check into it.

  6. Kara

    I started the hcg diet w the injections last August and I did amazingly my first 2 weeks. Looked and felt so much better and was NEVER hungry…I kept forgetting to eat my 2nd meat of the day and had to make myself sometimes. My progress was interrupted when my apartment and town got flooded horribly. Since then I have tried to restart but it has never been the same. I’ve tried both inexpensive HUCOG overseas and an expensive kind from a US doctor, but still, I am like ravished w hunger and sugar cravings :( I’ve ended up gaining 30lbs back since then. What could I be doing wrong? If I didn’t have such great results at first, I would just have said this diet is bull, but it DID work once!!!

  7. Toni Post author


    Many people complain of their second round being a bust–which is essentially what happened to you when your first round was interrupted. Personally, I think it’s psychological. I would take a break–at least six weeks–from hcg and during that time eat only according to the hunger scale. Then I would start up hcg again when you are really ready for your head to be in the game.

  8. wendifer

    I have been on the diet for 1 week and, I could chew off my arm. I am very hungry Oh and only lost 1 pound. Not happy

  9. Toni Post author

    If you are hungry something is WRONG!!! Are you taking pharmaceutical grade hCG? If so, what’s your dose? That’s the place to start.

  10. brooke

    Wow, so happy to find this website. I started hcg cream on Monday, so far no hunger but was really struggling with recipes. Your site is fantastic and I will be doing your 20 meals in 45 minutes tomorrow. Again, thank you.

  11. Sakina Azannai

    Hello Chef Toni!

    I have been following you since I found 20meals in 45minutes about 7-8months ago. I have just restarted HCG with a clearer mindset. The last two times I tried it worked, but I just could not stick with it. I attribute my previous failure to three things lack of preparation (which includes having plenty of interesting meal options), lack of commitment, and lack of inspiration (although really had I had the right mindset, it would have been around every corner! :P). I enter this new round fully prepared for every portion of the diet…I took my time and stocked my teas and sweetners, plus all of the other herbs and ‘accoutrement’ to do this diet successfully and above all as easy/smooth as possible. I just wanted to thank you for preparing such a wonderful list of recipies. I have already made the red cabbage and apples…DELISH! And today is just VLCD 1, so I KNOW I will be preparing many more! Keep them coming, you are so greatly appreciated! BTW, if you create the option I will post pics when I make your dishes (do have one of the Cabbage/apples).

  12. Toni Post author

    Sakina! So sorry I didn’t reply to this earlier. I LOVE your ideas, especially creating an option for visitors to post pics of the meals they make. I’m going to look into it. Also, your comment has sparked an idea for me to write a blog post about this very thing. Thank you!

  13. Nicky

    I’m so thankful for these recipes. I’m on day 4 of phase 2 and I’ve already lost 5lbs (60 more to go). I’m excited to try some of these recipes even though I know I’m not going to find some of the ingredients you mentioned as I live in the Caribbean. The variety of dishes I can make with your help should keep it interesting and I should not get bored with eating the same thing over and over.

    Thanks again…. Nicky

  14. Toni Post author

    Yeah! Look at the Miracles Noodles ad in the right hand column of this website. They ship to a lot of different countries.

  15. connie kahn

    Hello Toni,
    I just came across your web site and watched your video and liked the shake you offered. This is my 3 rd attempt on HCG. The 1st time was great and lost 32 Ibs. The second one I was on for 23 days and only lost 15 Ibs, I gained most back because went to Europe for 3 weeks and then a cruise. I’m a travel Consultant. Just stared again, and will stick to it and was wondering how I can order this shake from you? I also get bored with too much meat.
    Thanks in advance.
    Connie kahn

  16. John G

    Question: If broccoli is not on the list of Phase 2 allowable veggies, why is Broccoli Slaw on the Phase 2 meal list? Is this vegetable now allowed?

  17. Laurie

    Thank you so much! I am nearing 50 years old and am at the highest weight of my life and of course going hand in hand, in the worst shape. You have made this simple enough that our meals won’t get to be monotonous. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  18. Sarah

    I’m so glad to have found your site! I’m one of those naurotic organizers who has to be at least one step of myself. I’m not even starting my journey until the 2/4. I wanted to make sure I succeed and have the right tools in front of me. Having a variety of meals is one of them, as I get bored very easily. I’m not the greatest cook but your recipes looks easy enough for me to prepare for myself and my husband. I’m excited and scared at the same time for fear that I will fail. Wish me luck!

  19. Caroline

    I am a 24 year old college student that lives off of tasty and fatty foods. So when I started the HCG diet I was pretty convinced it would be a miserable time. I am so thankful I found your youtube videos that led me to your website! You have really helped me stick to this diet because the foods actually have FLAVOR and I have found out that cooking can be fun! Thankfully, I only need one round of HCG but Im sure I will come back to this website for inspiration for healthy and low fat foods. Thank you so much for all the work you do for this website!

  20. Toni Post author

    Yay for you Caroline! Now remember, you can’t go back to eating those fatty foods (all the time, anyway). Good luck.

  21. Nikcol

    I’m just starting on the HCG diet, and I’m not sure if the one I got is the correct one. I’m taking the drops. I here that there are different HCG diets out there. How do I know if its the right one? Toni I thank you for this site it helps a lot. I wish that you would make more YouTube videos, those are very helpful as well.

  22. Lizzie

    My name is Liz I just turned 28, I have been struggling to lose weight for the last 6 years!! I’ve always been thick but my weight just seemed to spiral and I haven’t been able to commit and stick with anything I just started the HCG shots and so far lost 12lb in 2 weeks however has anyone had issues with it messing with your menstral cycle? My doctor had me stop taking them for a few days until I get it . Now I’m concerned because my appetite is coming back! And no I’m not pregnant … This website has helped me so much with recipes a life saver. I hope I don’t fall to off track :( I really want to be healthy and get my life back!

  23. Toni Post author

    Liz, fortunately, I was done with periods when I started hCG. I know it’s tricky during your cycle. I heard someone say it works for them to stop the hCG after day 1 of your period and then resume in 3 days, even though the period may not be over.

  24. Toni Post author

    Hi Nikcol, the only “real” hCG diet is the protocol prescribed by Dr. Simeons in “Pounds and Inches.” There’s a link to the document on my site. Let me know if you have trouble finding it.


    My name is Adriana C. I am 50 years old. I am overweight. Most of my fat part is in my belly. So I look like pregnant. I feel so embarrased and frustated. I received info about this diet from one of my employees. I am taking High blood pressure med. I am a vegetarian. I don’t eat meat. I saw recipes but all of them with meat included. How I can replace meat in those? I love salads.

  26. Toni Post author

    Hi Adriana, I totally understand.I’m over 50 and as we get older it’s harder and harder to lose weight. I’m taking a new product where lots of vegetarian options are allowed, so I’m going to be adding more vegetarian recipes to the website! If you would like for me to send you some information about this product, please email me at toni@dinnermadesimple.com (or I can email you). I’d be happy to help you.

  27. Ana

    Hello! So I just found your website about HCG phase 2 recipes! Personally, I feel horrible because I don’t feel like I researched this diet enough. My mother and I have have been on phase2 for 5 days and 8 pounds down. We both said after spending all this money on drops we would give a week. We have prepared enough meats for this week and have been eating salad(I know)!! As much will power we both have, lettuce is getting boring. I have found several sites regarding recipes for phase 2 but scared. One of those taste to good to be true! My husband will be home June 29th to visit and my goal is 30 pounds as a surprise(since he is at the gym non-stop over there and lost his prego weight gained with me!) I know not all foods works for everyone, nor diet but wanted to know more about ‘side’ dishes. I found you on fb also…and your food looks awesome!! Mexican is a great favorite but from approved foods on the book I did read, corn tortillas were not on list… I’m honestly a little more confused and hungry(per pics! lol)

  28. Toni Post author

    I’m sorry to confuse you Ana, I know there is a lot of information for newbies. If you are on any hCG (homeopathic or prescription) other than the Thin Deluxe Drops or the hCG Deluxe Drops I mentioned, you should not have the corn tortillas. If you look under “Resources” on my site, you will see the approved foods for the Simeons (original) protocol, and the Thin/hCG Deluxe Protocol.

    You should NOT be hungry on any kind of hCG. Did you load properly for at least two days? Which hCG are you taking? If I had more info perhaps I could help you.

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